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THC Juul pods

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THC Juul pods are a closed vaping system, which means you can only use e-juice and tanks created by the company. It is a stark contrast to most of the market which consists of open vaping systems where you choose the e-juice, the atomizer, and the mod. As a consequence, the pressure is on the company to create enough options to keep its growing customer base satisfied.

Furthermore to date, the THC juul pods vaporizers have risen to the challenge since it was introduced in June 2015. They became known as the ‘Apple of Vaping’ from an early stage, and within three years, the brand took almost half of the American market in an astonishing surge. Proud users and advocates are known as ‘Juulers,’ and instead of vaping, you are ‘juuling’!

However they utilize an intelligent heating mechanism that creates an aerosol, and the goal is to reduce combustion. They aren’t designed as a refillable product and is recharged with a USB port. The cartridge that you click onto the device is known as a JUULpod. It contains a salt-based nicotine e-liquid formula. JUUL vapes claims this substance is created under strict quality control measures, and is designed for smokers looking to move away from harmful tobacco. The mixture contains:

  • Nicotine: Which comes directly from the tobacco plant. JUUL vaporizers use pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
  • Benzoic acid: which occurs naturally also found in the tobacco plant.
  • Propylene glycol & Glycerine: JUUL pods contain a 30/60 mix up to 90%. We use the clear liquids to create the vapor clouds you see when you use the device. Juul pods can also be used in the food, beauty, and  industries, and almost all e-liquids contain propylene glycol.

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3 reviews for THC Juul pods

  1. Geel

    for any kind of marijuana product, my kush farm is the only place to get it
    u will never regret buying from here.

  2. Logan Ray

    i have had the best of my product from my kush farm.
    they don’t only sell but they advice you and give directives
    what a place to buy from
    thumbs up

  3. Girly

    professionalism is their watch word
    best online marijuana will have to be my kush farm

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