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heavy hitters vape carts

Heavy Hitters Vape Carts

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Cherry Pie

Maui Wowie

Blue Dream

Sour Diesel

Strawberry Cough


Jack Herer

Girl Scout Cookies

Pineapple Express

Heavy Hitters OG

Grape Ape

Skywalker OG

Northern Ligfhts


Wedding Cake

Diablo OG




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Heavy Hitters Vape Carts

The Heavy Hitters vape carts revealed an outstanding wax cartridge in almost every aspect, especially size at 2.2 grams. I took it to the test driving 6 hours to Los Angeles from the Bay Area with three other friends. We had all hit it during the drive and barely made a dent. My friends and I meet up with two other friends in LA for a Halloween Rave. I was astonished at how many hits I was able to get from this cart, it felt like it was never going to come to an end. Everyone who saw this cartridge for the first time had a wow reaction and couldn’t believe the size of this cartridge. I will go in depth on the cartridge and its makeup in this Heavy Hitters vape carts review.

Update 01/22/2019 – Geoff: After a recent trip down to MedMen San Diego and a full gram testing of Heavy Hitters Malibu OG, I have some differences in feedback from the original post. Overall, I do find Heavy Hitters to be one of my favorite cartridges. The puff count, however, doesn’t last as long as I would hope. No doubt the difference between a 2.2 and 1 gram cartridge plays a part. Oil flows smoothly to a coil heating element and if you take strong hits, it’ll vape up fast. I don’t mark it down that much for this because it gives huge hits. Another update since this review was first done is fakes are everywhere now. Check out our in depth post on fake Heavy Hitters for information on how to spot fake and real carts.

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6 reviews for Heavy Hitters Vape Carts

  1. Weedy Girl

    God I loved it so much, I felt just so good!

  2. Adam Higgs

    Thought it was a sweet balance of the middle ground and then just chilled me when it got a bit later on in the night. A good ass weed man.

  3. Hustla

    Packs a punch, not the bud you’re looking for if you want to get off the couch..

  4. Lisa

    I’m ADHD so my experience with GSC is much different from people without my brain chemistry. My experience is more like ADHD meds that get rid of my pain, keep me focused and on task, and give me a happy giddy feeling. It makes the mundane tasks so much more enjoyable while still allowing me to be functional. Most strains react differently with my brain chemistry than they do for other people. So if Benedryl makes you hyper and non drowsy meds make you tired then this is the strain for you if your looking to replace your ADHD meds with something that will allow you to remain functional and won’t give you cancer.

  5. Tina Rockwell

    Girl scout cookies has always been a great help when it comes to my nausea caused by cyclic vomiting syndrome . It not only helps my nausea but it helps me relax

  6. Jack

    GCS is worth its reputation. I love this indica strain because it doesn’t incapacitate you completely. The CBD and CBN contents are a big plus.I normally smoke this strain after 5PM. Tastes great, faithful to its reputation. Munchies. Hits hard. Well balanced relaxing high. Love it!!

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