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Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

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Strain Name:Buy Blue Dream Marijuana.

Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Grade: A

Type: 50/50 Hybrid

Looks: A) Very nice light green with a myriad of orange hairs. Tri-Crohmes very visible to naked eye on first glance.

Smell: A+) A very fragrant sweet smell awaits you with a small pinch and inhale.

Taste: A+) Again; A very distinct taste. Depending on method of ingestion (I used a spoon pipe then ATTEMPTED to smoke a blunt), it can be a little harsh. A nice subtle fruit taste on the initial burn. The exhale, I dare to say, taste much better!

Effects: A) If taken in correct dosage(it’s different for everyone), this is a very Euphoric and very Creative high. You CAN get “Couch Lock” if you go after the blunt or bong rip. I have a moderate tolerance, smoking 3 times a day in small amounts; so the “Very High Tolerance” folk out there may need a bit more.

Potency: A+) You will feel effects 90-120 seconds after exhale(Almost instantaneous). A nice 2-3 hour high.

Good Strain For: This is a GREAT strain for Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Any form of Depression, and if you choose to rip the hell out of this strain, your insomnia is gone.

Buy Blue Dream Marijuana.

5 reviews for Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

  1. Hustla

    I want nothing more than to wake up on a Sunday morning and start the day Blue Dreaming, makes me happy to be alive.. too much will bring on anxiety if you’re a sufferer, but it’s a dream bud until it’s overwhelming.

  2. Hannah

    Blue dream is honestly the best weed. I love it so fuckin much! Helps me out a ton with my eating disorder as well as my depression. It relaxes me. The music I listen to is soft and I just overall would take that anyday over any other strain.

  3. Leslye Robinson

    This was sold to me as the house bud. Tested high at 22% and I believe it. Strong sativa high with decent legs. Blue Dream concentrate is one of my favs as well. Thank you for your prompt delivery and high quality product

  4. Jack QC

    Blue Dream has been my go-to strain since the first time I tried it. The first part of the high is energizing and will help you get things done. Then it settles into a relaxed euphoric high. Even though that second part of the high is more lazy, you can still get up and get things done if you put your mind to it. Great for wake and bake/all day but I recommend not smoking it in the evenings (if pos.) The high can be psychedelic with unusual thought associations. One of the most versatile strains I’ve tried.

  5. luke

    This strain is the best for pain, anxiety, insomnia, appetite, euphoric, relaxed, energized. This has a very berry fruity flavor with citrus and lemony piney. Definetly one of the best strains.

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